About Us

FaviconWhinot is a website for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get custom business advice and project help from a community of reputable experts. Whinot currently serves business owners in three industries: restaurants, retail, and landscaping. As we succeed in each of these industries, we will add in new industries based on demand.

Whinot is based on a few principles we never forget:

  1. Reputation is everything. Small business owners work with who they know and trust. That means they rely on their personal network to find expertise. But too often, our personal networks fall short.
    Whinot is a platform for small business owners to use when they don’t personally know the right expert to solve their issue. Our reputation system allows them to quickly find their right expert, engage them in a meaningful way to evaluate their expertise and easily contract them for short-term projects if they need to.
  2. Quality goes both ways. Too many websites which connect contractors and small businesses focus on quantity over quality. The sites are full of crappy project listings and the process is setup to encourage prices to head south. When prices head south, so does quality.
    Whinot will review every issue and project posted by a client to ensure it’s real, relevant, and priced fairly for our community of experts.
  3. Your success is our most important metric. We will do our best to make sure you get the expert advice and short-term help you need for your business to be successful.

Dealing with business strategies and finding the best way to improve products and services has become the most challenging task for many business owners. They are struggling to create a good business environment and improve their profit, with minimum loss.

We want to provide you the best possible experience while you are developing your business. With our set of tools and techniques, you will improve your brand in no time. Our company has been on the market for the last 20 years, and we think we can significantly enhance your production.

Business Strategies

Our techniques are primarily focused on small businesses because they are just starting to develop their business. We will help you get permanent customers and further improve your services. With us, you will feel protected and be able to raise your production process to a higher level. Your success is our success, and we want to have satisfied clients who will always ask for us.