Flowers, Weeds And Goals

Every year around New Year’s Eve, conversation at the family dinner table lasts a few hours longer so everyone can share their “flowers and weeds” of the previous year and their goals for the coming year. There are always a few surprises. The tradition gives us a deeper look at each other’s’ lives and ultimately brings us closer.

As the end of the year approaches, we, here at Whinot have been thinking about many things and especially about a way how to improve our service. I understand that our company has built a significant reputation on the market and they are expecting the great things from us. One of the reasons why we want to surpass the competition and offer you the best service on the market is because we want to justify the trust you have put into our company and our business strategies. I want our clients to be satisfied the with the service we provide and recommend us further.

I figured this year I’d do the same public sharing of my flowers, weeds and goals for Whinot. Here we go:

Flowers of 2018:

Flowers for Whinot 2018

Redefining the Whinot business model to be more saleable.

Launching Whinot 2.0

Business IncubatorFinding prospective partners in a number of organizations, including: alumni associations, business incubators, state/local government agencies focused on commerce, and industry groups.

Generating more revenue than we did in 2017.

Finding new ways to leverage the community of experts to grow Whinot.

Making the right financial decision to take a full-time job and work on Whinot part time.

Weeds of 2018:

Weeds for Whinot 2018

Still feeling like our future direction isn’t clear.

Not being as far along as I would like.

Still struggling to figure out the best way to reach our customers to generate awareness, consideration and ultimately conversion.

Still not having a team of fully engaged partners in the business.

Struggling to make the decision whether to take a full-time job and work on Whinot part time.

Goals for 2018:

Make it even easier for clients to engage with experts on Whinot.

Explore the different direct-to-customer marketing opportunities and understand what works and what doesn’t.

Provide experts more visibility into what happens with clients to whom they provided advice.

Get at least one formal partnership relationship in place with a few of the potential partner categories outlined above.

Get more than one formal partnership in place with at least one of these categories. This should position us to scale up in that category after getting the first few partners and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work.

The most significant goal would be to acquire business partner and coworkers who will be willing to work on this project with me. As I said before, I am still struggling to find good ideas, and I want my plan to work. That’s why I have been so reluctant in accepting a full – time position because Whinot needs my full attention. In the following months, I will try to dedicate my time to Whinot because I want to create a successful business which will help my clients. Overall, I expect great things to happen in 2018.

Thanks for a great 2017. I look forward to what 2018 holds for Whinot.