The Best Survey Tools For 2017

If you want to lead a successful business, then you are required to research the market. In the past, we people used various ways to make inquiries, and they usually involved a lot of work, but now things have changed. Many companies use advanced technology, which includes online survey tools to improve their business and get an insight of what their customers want. That’s why we created a list of the best survey tools for 2017.

Zoho Survey

Zoho SurveyThis tool is an excellent choice for small business owners who just started developing their business. The Zoho Survey works in three steps, creating a survey, getting the responses and analyzing results. The developers of this tool also offer three types of subscription, for basic features you will have to pay $19 per month, for more advanced $24 and for a premium subscription, where you get a chance to generate the questions you will pay $41. With this tool you create questions from a drop-down menu, you will have multiple choices, from various fields.


SurveyGizmo is very popular among many companies because it provides them an option to perform a variety of complex actions. The platform is mobile friendly and makes every survey smooth and natural. Considering that SurveyGizmo has advanced features, it will take some time for users to master their skills and learn how to use it. The monthly subscription is $25, which is not that big when you get excellent results which will provide you an insight into your customers’ demands. The advantage of this tool is that creates customized questions based on the people who are using the survey.

Campaign Monitor GetFeedback

This survey tool does the superlative job when it comes to market research. Here you create your questions, and you can also use mobile surveys because the entire platform is mobile friendly and uses outstanding visual elements. The only con of this tool is a weak report of analysis features. You will get results for each question, but no filtering or analysis. The price is a bit larger, and it will cost you $48 per month.